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My name is Johnny Carreira, and I started the Limousines business in South Africa, in 1994. After some hard work and dedication, I quickly established a name for myself, and was seen as a trusted and reputable service provider in the Limousine hire business in South Africa. One of my first big clients was Sun International.

I have been involved in numerous other business ventures over the years, which has helped me to get the experience and expertise required to run my business successfully. In addition to running my own limo hire company, I have also sold two of my Limousine Companies in recent years, which are currently still trading and doing very well with their new owners.

I have trained and assisted a few new start-up Limousine Companies, as I believe in helping and giving back by sharing my knowledge and experience with aspiring entrepreneurs.

Always aiming to expand my horisons, I spent a few years overseas, where I gained extensive knowledge and experience in this exciting field of work. I will be implementing some of these ideas in Luxury Limousines, so that I can give my clients a unique and exclusive experience.

I aim to change the way that people look at Limousines, and give my clients the options and opportunities to experience something new and exciting when it comes to limousine hire in South Africa. Who says you have to settle for the same old thing? Experience our unique offerings at Luxury Limousines!

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